Add an email signature

First impressions matter, and often your first impression is made by an email. Ross Monaghan explains.

Writing a clear and concise email is important, but so too is the way you conclude it.

Adding an automatic email signature to your email app is a simple way to make a great first impression. It also encourage your recipients to find out more about you – or the issues that matter to you.

Adding a signature is quite easy. You can even create multiple signatures for different recipients. Maybe you want a different signature for friends and potential employers?

You can use text, hyperlinks and even images, but often simple signatures with links to your key professional “socials” is best.

Here’s a simple template to consider:


Your Name
BA (whatever your degree is) student
Your University, City

Phone: 0400 000 000 

Do you have any questions or comments about this? Maybe you have seen a great email signature that you’d like to share with us. Leave us a comment if you have.

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